5 Key Values That Define Our Company

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January 26, 2021
June 30, 2023
8:30 pm
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5 Key Values That Define Our Company

EVCS was founded with one very simple goal in mind – namely, incentivizing the mass adoption of safer, cleaner, more cost-effective modes of transportation through innovative and accessible electric mobility solutions. In other words, create a reliable EV charging network that’s affordable, ubiquitous and environmentally friendly. A Herculean achievement to be sure. (Just ask the many companies who have tried and failed.) And yet we’ve already made monumental strides in improving air quality while simultaneously reducing economic burdens for millions of commuters. So then, to what do we credit our steadfast success? In a word, values. We maintain a set of five core values that place the customer at the heart of everything we do.


This word encompasses a lot. It entails a duty to act as leaders, as examples to be emulated, and to be accountable for those actions. In our case, it first means a responsibility to our customers. To ensure the needs of both site hosts and EV drivers are being met. That we’ve crafted a solution that’s efficient and easy to manage. That hosts are earning and drivers are saving. And that we’ll fix problems without question when they arise. It’s also a loftier duty to the environment by advancing the cause of electric mobility through wider access to EV infrastructure.


We mandate progress in every decision we make, from our purchase and modernization of the West Coast Electric Highway to the development of advanced networking software for managing infrastructure at scale to our transformative model of offering site owners participation in a significant revenue generator with almost no upfront cost to them. By keeping the needs and wants of our customers front and center, we’re leading the way toward an electric mobility revolution through innovative turnkey solutions.


“The quality of being trustworthy and dependable with consistency.” Such a definition necessitates dependability not only across every area of our business, but over time as well. Our goal is to ensure customers can count on what we say, backing up everything – from our installation practices to our software functionality to our responsiveness when maintenance issues arise – with a guarantee that it will always be handled properly. In a world where cynicism is prevalent, we aim to earn customer trust through repetitive examples of excellence.


Being a green company means avoiding waste, whether that be energy and materials or effort and time. After all, we find both to be highly important. As such, we aim to be efficient in everything we do. To not only set goals like expanding our infrastructure to new cities and states, for instance, but to find the most well-ordered, systematic and streamlined approach to doing so. This trickles down to everything we do, allowing us to over-deliver on customer expectations by installing chargers ahead of schedule or accessing government-provided funding in tight time windows.


We pride ourselves not only on advancing the cause of electric mobility, but in doing it extremely well. The fact that we have already become a top installer of EV infrastructure throughout the Golden State, cementing contracts with several significant corporate and government entities, all while reaching profitability in our second full year of operation, is a testament to our proficiency and professionalism. Again, by keeping the needs of the customer as our main focus, we continue to elevate our game each and every day. Because we’re only the best as long as our customers agree!