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We believe the future is where electrical power and mobility converge.

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Since our founding in 2018, EVCS has been a leader in the automotive electric revolution, building one of the largest and fastest growing public EV charging networks in the U.S. Our vision is to decarbonize transportation by accelerating mass consumer adoption of clean, carbon free electric vehicles. We are on a mission to lower the barriers to entry for both consumers and businesses by rapidly expanding access to fast, affordable and conveniently located public EV fast charging. Through innovative subscription charging plans, we strive to lower the total cost of EV ownership, saving drivers hundreds of dollars annually vs. pay-per-charge and gas alternatives.

Working with government agencies, EVCS provides site owners with a zero cost solution to deploying EV chargers on your property. Through our Turnkey Charger Installation program, EVCS absorbs all capital and construction costs and manages the project every step of the way from concept to activation. This allows you to attract EV drivers to your location and generate a new, incremental revenue stream while continuing to focus on your core business. Site owner benefits include:

  • Zero cost investment through EVCS managed government rebates, grants and other incentives.
  • Steady monthly cash flow through a new revenue stream.
  • Hands off project management, EVCS manages all aspects of planning and development.
  • Incremental foot traffic and in-store sales for retail locations.
  • Enhance customer loyalty by providing a unique EV driver benefit.
  • Leadership role in the transition to carbon free transportation.

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Our History


EVCS was established in 2018 by Green Commuter founder Gustavo Occhiuzzo and finance expert Ian Vishnevsky, two serial entrepreneurs who saw the opportunity to catalyze EV adoption by partnering with businesses to scale public charging infrastructure on the West Coast.  

While sister company Green Commuter, first established in 2014, pioneered eco-friendly mobility through its fleet of all-electric vanpool vehicles, Occhiuzzo and Vishnevsky were determined to remove barriers for property owners to host EV chargers and increase public accessibility to fast charging.

EVCS set about developing an industry-disrupting approach to mobility power – most notably employing a complete turnkey approach that utilizes both public and private grants, rebates and other financial incentives to eliminate upfront investment for participating site owners. Thanks to the enormous popularity of this approach, EVCS has expanded its footprint to 170 and rapidly expanding locations across California, Oregon and Washington.