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With over five years of experience purchasing and installing top Level 2 and DC fast charger brands across California, Oregon, and Washington, we have successfully navigated the same challenges you are facing. Our expertise uniquely positions us to provide the right charging solution for your business.
We are not just a charging network provider,
but also a distributor of the top brands in the industry.
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Our EV charger specialists provide a consultative sales approach to learning about the challenges you are facing and offering solutions to meet those challenges.

We offer a range of level 2 and DC fast chargers from many of the top-tier brands in the industry oftentimes in stock and ready to ship quickly.

We specialize in supplying chargers within your budget, with the right features, and with short lead times, to complete your projects on time or in some cases ahead of schedule.
If you are searching for a trusted supplier and are an electrical contractor, a fleet operator, a property manager, an automotive dealership, a commercial office or retail location, EVCS is the right solution for you!